Top 7 Tips To Throw A Knockout Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday – just a few days! Let’s Invite Everyone To Super Bowl Party

While Pata and Falcons prepare to fight for Lombardi in Houston, many of us at home start planning a night full of friends, football, and too much food. If this year, like many Americans, will host the Big Game party, we believe you could probably use some suggestions. In the end, on February 5th, your living room will be full of guests relaxing around your TV, collecting crisps like calories that do not count and do not wash the drink away, as if it were not tomorrow.

Do you want to start planning to make sure your party is badly wounded? Follow these 7 simple steps and your game will win a big game day!

Caution. By following this guide, you can become the owner of the default Super Bowl for years to come.

1. Create a list and dissolve the word for Super Bowl Party!

Create an invitation on Facebook.

Choose a clear, captivating and thematic image

super bowl party

Write a short and original message.

Specify the address and time of the event.

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Make it explode! The more I am, the better it is provided that everyone can sit comfortably with a clear picture of the TV. Do not invite 100 people if your stay only measures 10. You do not really want your guests to overflow like sardines.

Who should (not) invite?

Although you may be tempted to invite this friend you have not seen for years, your Super Bowl party is not the time to catch up with the last decade of your life or remember your sixth-grade teacher. Refrain! Instead, invite him to a meeting with you for a cup of coffee or beer in another night.

About a week before the big day, you get a good estimate of the number of people actually appearing. This will help you stock up on food and drink. Do not hesitate to ask each friend to bring something. Your guests will be grateful to be able to help you. By telling them what you need, they will not have to resort to the assumption that will be very useful. This will save you the risk of getting into 10 Doritos bags and nothing to drink.

2. Sweep, Mop, Scrub

super bowl party

Make sure your apartment or house is clean and hospitable when your guests arrive. If your place is a dump, or you’re still cleaning up when you get there, it will completely eclipse the party atmosphere! Do you have any friends you can really count on? Ask them to help you create your party. Leave some nice tracks to make you want and take a brush! (We promise not to judge if you start drinking while you clean.) If you do not have enough time, make sure at least that the living room and bathroom are clean and close all other doors.

3. Install it!

super bowl party

Set up your living room so that it is ready for the crowd. Take out the unnecessary mess and make sure all the chairs and sofas are on the TV screen. Arrange meals and drinks throughout the room so that your guests can easily have a snack, no matter where they sit. You will want to chew all night without having to move your ass!

Are you a maniac ordered? So make sure you put the trash bags in the living room so that your guests know where to put them.

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Are you a competitive type? You can divide your living room into two fields with decorations on each side to match the colors of each team. Bonus: so you can find out who your real friends are, based on who wants to sit on your side!

4. Get your hands dirty!

super bowl party

Since you want to organize a truly epic party, you will, of course, need extraordinary food. No Super Bowl party would be complete without any tasty finger-stuffs to enjoy the game. Also, watching football starves people. With everything that works and sweats, your guests will put food in their mouth since their arrival.

What should you feed those hungry guests?

The Supercup appears only once a year, so do not hold back! Buy, bake or ask for a wide selection of snacks and snacks and arrange them for easy access. Make sure all food is comfortable for your fingers. Nobody wants to take care of forks and knives when they are busy shouting and gesturing in their team with the beer in hand. Think of chips, sauces, wings, pizza, and ribs. Do you feel healthy? Try the crudite – or the avocado!

(Just do not forget to stock up on napkins to keep your sofa spotless.)

Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity to show off your culinary skills to your friends and family? Visit our 5 best snacks and dessert recipes for an easy and delicious recipe. If you feel creative, you can try these 9 Super Cups for a real theme party!

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Pro tip: do not distribute all the food at one time or it will not be enough to refuel. Allow refueling in the kitchen so you can empty bowls and keep your guests’ stomachs constantly. You can change which foods you serve. Start with pretzels and chips, then go to pigs in a blanket, warm wings or ribs. End the last quarter with some sweets when you watch your team swim to victory! (Or use chocolate to comfort you in the event of a major disturbance).

5. Stocks!

Over the past 50 years, the Super Bowl has grown from a mere gathering of friends to a complete American tradition. The Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day in America. And, like all good traditions, with good food comes … good beer. As we all know, football is a sport that requires nothing except beer! There are not many ruins of a party like running from alcohol, and you certainly do not want to make beer during a good game, so do not forget to stock up on drinks!

super bowl party

With all these commercials that advertise your guests, they will experience a strong thirst for foam. So prepare your fridges with more than 6 packs and think about buying a barrel – there are no more crowds than an endless stream of tap beer!

Are there any friends with heavy drinking? Do not hesitate to ask them BYOB. Acquiring enough beer to satisfy a group of happy guests throughout the night can become quite expensive!

Suggestion. Do not forget water and soft drinks for children and designated drivers.

6. Go to Extra Mile (or Yard)

super bowl party

The parties of the Super Bowl are mainly about watching the game with family and friends, while they chew deliciously unhealthy food, washed down with a nice cold beer. Simple jewels can be a great way to attract everyone in the spirit of the Super Bowl. You’d be surprised at the difference in small things.

Adjusting the tone for the evening makes it much more interesting! Try to buy jewelry in the colors of your team or launch a kind of football props so that your living room is like a side. You have unlimited possibilities. You can place the banners of two competing teams on the wall or hang flags with the colors of the teams. Or turn your Super Bowl party snack table into a mini-soccer field, punctuated with soccer trays and bowls.

For cheaper options, you can familiarize yourself with Pinterest or print your decorations. You can even have soccer balls for the most active guests. (Can we recommend Nerf?)

Super Bowl: it’s a lot of fun, so decoration is important! Be creative and bring the atmosphere of NRG Stadium into your living room!

7. Everyone loves a good game

Who said football players should have fun at the Super Bowl on Sunday?

To participate in the Super Bowl at the next level, schedule different events to entertain your guests during the break or before the game begins. Raising your party with some games, make sure that even if the game is boring, your party will swing!

For fans of advertising, invite your guests to monitor their favorite spots with Super Bowl party Ad Bingo. Print the game cards and pass them to your guests. After the game, you can change your thoughts in your favorite spots.

If you’re still a little nervous about attending a Super Bowl party, check out the video below and do not forget to make the same mistakes!

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