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Top Super Bowl Advertisers 2018

Thirty-two seats of the Super Bowl (LII) in 2018 are sold for “only north” in the amount of $ 5 million, which is almost the same as the Super Bowl Advertisers of 2017. Super Bowl will be aired in the US bank NBC Stadium, Minneapolis, Minn., February 4, 2018. Al-Michaels, former Cincinnati Bengals receiver and…

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Biggest Super Bowl Winners and Losers 2017

Sports events are a huge part of numerous cultures around the world, and the Super Bowl serves this purpose for the United States of America. This event is a championship battle between the teams in the National Football League. The event stretches out over a season from summer to spring of the next year. For…

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Top 5 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials 2018

Super Bowl LI is a story. It was a crazy game that ended in a historic overtime victory of 34 to 28 for the Patriots. Here are the winners of the Super Bowl Commercials 2018 in the humorous section. All Super Bowl commercials should be funny, but it’s not. Not all Super Bowl commercials are…

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When Will Be Super Bowl 2018? Date, Location And Odds

It’s never too early to plan the Super Bowl 2018. The Super Bowl 2018 (52th Edition), which will be played on February 4, 2018, will take place in a dome like the Super Bowl 51 … but much further north, where time will not be as inviting. Also Read: Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Commercials Ever…

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Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Commercials Ever

We (like) hate to be a bad guy, but someone has to do it. (More or less.) But the facts are facts, and the sad reality is that many of the ads were shown in every Super Bowl … well … they stink. The worst Super Bowl commercials had its share of horrible ads (see…

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Top 7 Tips To Throw A Knockout Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday – just a few days! Let’s Invite Everyone To Super Bowl Party While Pata and Falcons prepare to fight for Lombardi in Houston, many of us at home start planning a night full of friends, football, and too much food. If this year, like many Americans, will host the Big Game party,…

Top 6 Banned Super Bowl Commercials

Top 6 Banned Super Bowl Commercials

Banned Super Bowl Commercials do not make a final cut. Maybe because they were so funny. Probably it was, they were too funny in the air and were banned. Creating a better Super Bowl does not necessarily mean being the best. It means only better than others. But sometimes advertisers use this strategy at the…

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Super Bowl 2018 Commercials Are Here Which We Can’t Wait To See

Yes, we are dependent on the Super Bowl deal. The annual Super Bowl 2018 Commercials is coming to an end, and we are thinking about the next advertising season. Fortunately, in recent years we did not have to wait for the Super Bowl on Sunday to see the commercials. Brands are increasingly using social media,…

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What Is Super Bowl Sunday ?

Super Bowl Sunday is the day when the Super Bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League, is played. Usually, this is the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday in February and is sometimes called an unofficial national holiday. The 51st annual event, Super Bowl LI, was held on February 5, 2017….